Alerting & Assistive Devices

We carry a complete line of assisting and alerting devices, from amplified telephones and doorbell signalers to vibrating wristwatches. If you have any communication difficulties, there is probably a product that can greatly assist you in your life. Here are just a few of the products available:

TV Listening Systems

We carry products from Sennheiser that can allow you to hear television at a comfortable volume without disturbing others. If you wear hearing aids with telecoils, there are models that will transmit the signal directly to your hearing aids without the need for headphones.

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Amplified Telephones

Cordless and corded models are available, with features such as caller ID, speakerphone, tone control, and answering machine.

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Amplified Alarm Clocks

A variety of models are available. The Sonic Boom alarm clock features an extra-loud alarm, with the option of waking to any combination of audio alarm, flashing lights, or shaking bed.

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Do You think you May Have hearing Loss?

At Hawkins Hearing we understand that it can be difficult to realize that you have a hearing loss. Often the person with the loss is the last to know. Here are some signs that may help you decide if you need to investigate further.

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Experienced User Looking for a Premium Experience?

Our office offers Audiology Best Practices and personal service in a warm and friendly environment. Ifyou are an experienced hearing aid user looking for a premium experience, come and see us!

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Worried About Your Loved One’s Hearing?

It can be worrying when you think a loved one is suffering with hearing loss. You can learn more about the signs and symptoms of hearing loss here.

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