Enjoy Better Hearing this Holiday Season

If you have a hearing difficulty, the next big family gathering can seem daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. If you properly prepare yourself and your loved ones for the next holiday event, you just might find yourself creating the best memories you’ve heard all year.

Tips for Better Holiday Hearing

Don’t Be Shy

Remind your friends and family that you have a hearing difficulty. They’ll be reminded to slow down, speak up, and be more attentive to your needs.

Strategic Seating Helps You hear Better

If gathering for a meal, ask to be seated at an end of the table so you won’t have multiple conversations on either side of you.

Pack your Hearing Aid Accessories

Be sure to pack a better hearing travel kit: extra batteries, a hearing aid cleaning kit, and, if possible, an extra set of hearing aids.

Smaller Groups

Is your party dining at multiple tables? If possible, request to sit with a smaller group for easier to focus on conversations.

Turn Down the Volume

Is there music playing or a television on during your meal? Ask your host to turn down the volume so you can enjoy everyone’s company better.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Tune-Up

Make an appointment to get your instruments cleaned and your tubing checked so you can feel confident you’ll hear your best.

Family Activities For Your Holiday Get Together

Make a Traditional Family Dish
Share traditions, pass along valuable skills, and have closer conversations preparing nourishing family recipes.

Play Charades
Charades is a fun, inclusive game that revolves around physical, non-verbal cues that allow you to focus on the action and amusement of the game.

Board Games
Games like Scrabble, checkers, and chess are the perfect vehicle for getting close with one or more people, testing one another’s wits, and having some stress-free holiday fun.

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