Cognitive Screening

Just as you consider eye exams, dental cleanings, and annual check-ups critical to maintaining your overall health and wellness, cognitive testing provides critical information on how your brain is performing and what you can do to maximize brain health.

Did you know…

  • #1 fear among people of all ages is the loss of cognitive abilities
  • Not all cognitive issues progress to dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive decline is often caused by a variety of underlying conditions that can be managed, treated, and often reversed such as: lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes, sleep issues, polypharmacy, hearing loss and vision loss
  • The proactive management of these modifiable risk factors can delay or slow the onset or progression of cognitive decline
  • Cognitive decline is NOT a normal part of aging. However, aging becomes a risk factor if certain underlying conditions aren’t treated or managed properly and promptly.

Cognitive screening establishes a baseline of your current health and offers lifestyle habits to improve your overall wellness.

Cognivue Thrive is the only computerized brain health screening based on the same FDA-cleared technology used by neurologists and other physicians for evaluating cognition. The test covers key cognitive domains: visuospatial, executive function, memory, and key performance parameters: reaction time and speed processing. The 5-minute interactive screening will generate a personalized, confidential report of your brain health.

The report will be broken down into a few key cognitive domains and performance parameters:

MEMORY – Your ability to store and use information when needed and how your ability impacts how easily you remember things such as important dates following directions, remembering to take medications, and where you placed your keys.

VISUOSPATIAL – Your ability to process and interpret visual information about yourself and your surroundings and how your score affects your ability to do such things as walk around without bumping into things, getting dressed, using our phone, or driving a car.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTION – Your ability to concentrate and problem solve and how likely you are to have difficulty concentrating on tasks, problem solving, finishing tasks, and making appropriate decisions.

REACTION TIME & SPEED PROCESSING – Your ability to physically react to situations and mentally process a task such as stopping or changing directions to avoid people, catching a ball, and changing directions quickly to avoid objects.