Hearing Testing

We provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing testing, using internationally recognized best practice processes to fully evaluate your hearing and determine the best options for you.

How to Read an Audiogram

An audiogram is a graph form that we use to record the results of a hearing test.

Communication Tips

Even with the best hearing aids there will be times when you misunderstand what someone has said. To minimize the frustrations that may occur when this happens, try the following.

How we Hear

Hearing is a complex process. To put it simply, when something makes a noise, it sends sound waves through the air. These waves are funneled into the ear canal by the outer ear, and the sound waves strike the eardrum and cause it to vibrate.

Signs and Types of Hearing Loss

Most hearing loss occurs gradually. Seeing its early warning signs is key in creating more effective treatment solutions, so we’ve compiled a list of indicators that should help you and your loved ones be more aware of your hearing wellness.