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It has been estimated that about 28 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing impairment. Often an impairment develops slowly and subtly.You may have a hearing loss if:

  • You often find yourself asking others to repeat what they have said
  • You have difficulty understanding when there is background noise
  • Others complain that the TV is too loud
  • You feel that other people are mumbling
  • You are avoiding social situations

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Do You think you May Have hearing Loss?

At Hawkins Hearing we understand that it can be difficult to realize that you have a hearing loss. Often the person with the loss is the last to know. Here are some signs that may help you decide if you need to investigate further.

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Experienced User Looking for a Premium Experience?

Our office offers Audiology Best Practices and personal service in a warm and friendly environment. Ifyou are an experienced hearing aid user looking for a premium experience, come and see us!

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Worried About Your Loved One’s Hearing?

It can be worrying when you think a loved one is suffering with hearing loss. You can learn more about the signs and symptoms of hearing loss here.

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