Meet The LiNX 3D 9 Line – Outstanding Hearing Aids

The recent introduction of the LiNX 3D from GN Resound has excited many within our profession. This is their third generation of Made For iPhone hearing aids, and they are built on really good foundations. The launch of the devices brought along with it a feature that would allow us to offer a new and exciting service, something that many of us are working on introducing to our practices.

The hearing aids are quite outstanding and there are already some fantastic reviews online from early users. They say the sound and performance is quite amazing. The ability to offer remote assistance is probably what is most fascinating for us professionals. It means that we can offer a more in depth service, a different type of aftercare.

The remote assistance feature allows the user to communicate with us via their app, allowing us to understand what their problems are and in what sound situations they occur. It then allows us to make fine tuning changes to the hearing aids remotely in our fitting system. We push the changes out to the user via their app. They can then accept the changes and give us feedback on how they are working. All without having to visit the office!

I think the system allows us to offer something which can accompany and add to our normal service offering. It will allow us to meet our customers’ needs in a better way that is also easier for them. The remote assistance won’t be for every customer because some simply will not want it. However, it will be an excellent addition to us for the people who would like it. Let’s take a look at the top of the line LiNX 3D 9 platform.


LiNX 3D 9 Hearing Aids

The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Platform

The Resound Linx 3D 9 hearing aids are the latest top of the line, Made For iPhone hearing aid technology from GN Resound. They offer the pinnacle of Resound technology and will deliver outstanding results even in very complex sound situations. As is common with Resound, along with the launch of their major platforms they launch something new and innovative. In the case of the LiNX 3D it is a whole new way to experience hearing care. The original ReSound LiNX allowed users to adjust their own settings as they went, but with the new LiNX 3D, they can do that and request assistance wherever they are directly from their mobile app, and their hearing professional can make all the adjustments necessary. Let’s take a high level view of the Resound LiNX 3D 9 line

The ReSound LiNX 3D includes GN Hearing’s 5th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology and 3rd generation binaural directionality. They say it will provide users with “clear, natural sound, exceptional speech understanding and the best sense of where sounds are coming from.” . The LiNX 3D 9 line has eleven models from an ultra discreet IIC to a Power BTE.

  • It is up to 50% better at identifying speech across various environments
  • It enables users to hear up to 80% more of the sounds around them, and
  • It enables users to understand up to 40% more speech in noise

When connected to the brand new apps that have been designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, users will be able to access custom control features for the hearing aid. There are also built-in guidance steps to understand both the hearing aids and the software, and coaching assistance to get the most out of the hearing aids. When compared to competitors, the company said that the ReSound LiNX 3D and companion app are up to 50 percent better at identifying speech across various environments, enable users to hear up to 80 percent more of the sounds around them, and enable users to understand up to 40 percent more speech in noise.

Linx 3D 9 Feature Set

The overall feature set of the 9 technology level is as follows (each hearing aid may not have the full range of features here as some features are model specific)

  • 17 channels
  • Environment Optimiser
  • Binaural Directionality II
  • Spatial Sense
  • Directional Mix Processor
  • Adjustable Directional Mix
  • Natural Directionality II
  • Synchronised Soft Switching
  • Autoscope Adaptive Directionality
  • Binaural Environmental Optimizer II
  • Noise Tracker II
  • Low Frequency Boost
  • Amplification Strategies (WDRC, Semi-linear, Linear)
  • Expansion
  • Sound Shaper
  • DFS Ultra III with Music Mode
  • Auto DFS
  • Acceptance Manager
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator
  • Ear To Ear Communication
  • Direct Audio Streaming (Made For iPhone)
  • Compatible with all Resound Wireless Accessories like the Micro Mic, Multi Mic etc.
  • Resound Control App (if you have a Phone Clip+)
  • Resound Smart 3D App
  • Compatible with Resound Remote Assist
  • Will take remote hearing aid updates

We are pretty excited about these hearing aids and the ability to offer a customer service process choice. If you have any questions about hearing aids, hearing loss or hearing care, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-440-248-4790 or book an appointment online now.