Review of ReSound LiNX, Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

So I finally got a pair of the new ReSound LiNX hearing aids to play around with. First impressions, the aids are small and streamlined, making them cosmetically attractive. They use the same receivers that previous ReSound aids have used, and the model I tried uses a size 312 battery. Sound quality was good with the aids, similar to previous ReSound aids.

Connecting to my iPhone: One thing to mention is that the aids are connected to the iPhone through the hearing aid menu, not through the Bluetooth menu. Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Hearing Aids and make sure that Bluetooth is on. Then put the hearing aids in discovery mode by opening and closing the battery doors. It does take a few minutes to connect, but after you hear 6 confirmation beeps and see a checkmark, you’re set. You won’t have to repeat the process so it’s a one-time deal.

Next you’ll need to download the ReSound Smart app from the App Store (don’t worry, it’s free!). Once you’ve got the app running, it will find the connection to your hearing aids. The best place to go at first is “Tutorial”, which will give you a nice overview of the various screens and their options. You’ll be able to adjust volume, treble/bass, and set “places” so that it remembers your hearing aid settings for various locations. Say you have a favorite restaurant you go to often: if you do adjust the aids through the app to hear better at that location, you can save the changes and the aids will automatically change to those settings the next time you return. Any adjustments are accompanied by confirmation beeps in the hearing aids.

If you’re prone to misplacing things, they’ve got an app for that! The “Finder” can locate your hearing aids (as long as they’re turned on and have a good battery) through either pinpointing their location on a map or by a bar graph that indicates you’re “getting closer” or “getting farther away”.

I like to run with my Nike+ app which plays music and informs me of various intervals (distance or time). Once I started the Nike+ app, it played automatically through the hearing aids. No more need for annoying earbuds! (the hearing aids are much lighter and fit better). And no more knocking my iPhone out of the treadmill cradle and sending it flying when I accidentally hit the earphone wires with my arms while running (yes, been there, done that).

Overall, I really liked the aids and think they’ll be great for iPhone users. No need to purchase a remote, so that will save a bit of money but still offer connectivity.