Stay Connected With Better Hearing This Holiday Season

How do you stay connected with friends and loved ones over the holidays? Do you send cards? Make phone calls? Plan special dinners or get-togethers?

For some of us, getting out and seeing all the special people in our lives can be difficult. Inclement weather or mobility issues can sometimes get in the way of enjoying holiday festivities. Thankfully, we live in a time where technology can bring us closer together, no matter where our loved ones may be.

Using computer applications like Skype to make video calls, keeping a blog to share family stories and photos, or staying connected on Facebook is a great way to feel close with loved ones. All three are free and simple to use. More importantly, regularly engaging with people is good for your mental health, and can combat the feelings of isolation that some experience over the holidays.

Hawkins Hearing Center specializes in hearing instruments that not only help you hear better, they can wirelessly connect with phones and computers to keep your holiday conversations crystal clear.

According to a recent study by the Phoenix Center, “Internet use contributes positively to mental well being, and estimates indicate that internet use leads to about a 20% reduction in depression classification for retired individuals age 55 and older.”

Senior and independent living centers are offering computer classes on social networking, and showing interest in online communications is a great reason to spend more time with your grandkids – they can tutor you on all the basics and then some!

Becoming more computer savvy can do more than draw your loved ones closer this holiday season, it can expand your circle of loved ones altogether. The internet holds a wealth of information, and no matter what interest you might have, there’s sure to be a whole community of like-minded folks our there who share your enthusiasm.

Hawkins Hearing Center can help you get started. “Like” our Facebook page and become a member of our online community. We share hearing health tips, breaking news on new technology, web-exclusive offers, even prizes! You might even meet some new friends.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We can’t wait to connect with you online, and we can’t wait to show you how your devices can keep you connected online and in person.

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