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Help Those with Hearing Loss Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for social gatherings and family parties. For the individual with hearing loss, noisy social environments can often exasperate communication difficulties. We are offering the following helpful holiday hearing tips to aid those experiencing hearing loss in fully enjoying the holiday festivities this year.

  • Face your guest and maintain eye contact for more direct communication.
  • Get on their level. If they are sitting, have a seat. Stand when they stand.
  • Reduce background noise. Encourage guests to engage in one conversation, avoid playing background music and save the dishes for after guests leave.
  • Seat guests with hearing loss with their back to a quiet space.
  • Ask your guest if you can improve their hearing situation.
  • Speak at a normal volume. Shouting can distort speech.
  • Reduce the sounds of clattering dishes and silverware while dining by placing a table pad underneath a tablecloth.

It is estimated that 48 million Americans are impacted by hearing loss making it the third most common health problem in the country today just behind arthritis and heart disease. The holidays are a great time to remind people to have their hearing checked and of the importance of connecting with loved ones.

To encourage people to have their hearing evaluated this holiday season, Hawkins Hearing Center will be offering complimentary hearing screenings through the end of the year. To find out more information or to schedule an appointment for a complimentary hearing screening, please call (440) 248-4790 or visit

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