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ReSound Omnia

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About ReSound Omnia Hearing Aid

According to ReSound, 80% of hearing aid users identify hearing amid noise as a significant issue. With the new Omnia, Resound claims that speech comprehension in noise has increased by 150 percent compared to their previous generation of hearing aids. It is a return to the fundamental purpose for which hearing aids are used by those with hearing loss: to hear others when in background noise.

ReSound adheres to an organic hearing philosophy, incorporating design and technical cues from how humans hear naturally and attempting to replicate this as precisely as possible.

Omnia is compatible with ReSound's patented M&RIE receivers. The breakthrough inner-ear design of M&RIE works with your unique ear shape to naturally pick up and analyze sound. This gives you a comprehensive grasp of your environment and enhanced speech recognition. 

According to research, improper usage of hearing aids can result in up to 11dB of sound departing the ear, significantly diminishing the user's hearing abilities. Using a fast ear selfie, ReSound's innovative 'Check My Fit' tool (through the ReSound Smart3D App) instructs consumers on correctly inserting their hearing aids. According to ReSound, this function can help 70% of hearing aid users wear them more effectively.


  • A new function enhances the sound of the user's "own voice," resulting in a more natural listening experience.
  • The rechargeable model provides up to 30 hours on a single charge.
  • A Nano-coated exterior provides a design that is waterproof in any environment.
  • iPhone and iPad users can make hands-free, crystal-clear phone calls at the push of a button, while Android smartphone users may enjoy direct streaming.
  • Enjoy direct Bluetooth communication and streaming regardless of your mobile device.
  • Available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions in a choice of eight colors.

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