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ReSound One

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About ReSound ONE Hearing Aids

ReSound One hearing aids have been introduced with something that has never been done before - a microphone and receiver positioned inside the ear. This M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) technology allows patients to collect the whole sound environment, just as nature intended. In addition, these devices also come equipped with Ultra Focus, a patient-activated feature that uses a powerful directional pattern from both hearing aids so patients’ can focus on the speech in front. ReSound One comes in three styles. There is a size 312 battery version, which is the smallest, a lithium-ion rechargeable version, and a size 13 battery version, which is the largest.


  • Microphone-in-ear technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Android and Apple devices
  • Remote hearing care with Resound Assist
  • Advanced hearing with UltraFocus
  • Multiple battery charging options
"If you need hearing aids, this is the place to buy them.  Friendly service and caring about you!"
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