My review of Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

I spoke about the introduction of the Oticon Opn recently in my article Oticon Introduces New Opn Range. I have been impressed with the hearing aids and how my clients are reacting to them. Well, I got a chance to find out what all the hype was about just recently. Let me tell you about the day I forgot my headphones, and was planning to run at the gym after work (treadmill runs can get a bit boring without some tunes).

What’s a girl to do?

You Grab Your Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

Well, if you’re an audiologist, you grab a pair of your demo Made-for-iPhone hearing aids and pair them to your phone! I am wearing the hearing aids in the photo, so you can see they’re very discreet. They are also very comfortable, so comfortable that I quickly forgot that I had them on.  Here is what else I found:

  • A very Natural Sound
  • The Wireless Connection Was Great
  • Handled Noise Really Well
  • Good music, but great situational awareness

Here’s My Review

(I don’t have a hearing loss, but I’ve listened to many other hearing aids so I have a bit of experience for comparison purposes):

The first thing I noticed was what I didn’t notice: tinny, scratchy, artificial sounds.  I couldn’t tell that I had them on, except that I could hear my music playlist.  I’m a bit of a klutz, so having a wireless connection was great since that meant I wasn’t hitting the wires as I ran.  The clanging weights, noisy machines, and other sounds around me weren’t bothersome, and I could hear them without it being distracting.  This would be a big bonus for those who exercise outdoors, since you’d be able to hear traffic and other sounds but still hear your music.

Try Oticon Opn Yourself and see what you hear

Most of my clients who’ve tried the demo aids have reported the same: natural sound, background noises weren’t distracting, and they were able to hear conversations easily.  If you haven’t listened to Opn hearing aids yet, I’d recommend giving them a try!