Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids About To Go Mainstream?

Rechargeable Hearing Aids, More Than Just A Fad?

Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for quite a while.  Both Hansaton and Siemens have offered rechargeable hearing aids for many years. However, the demand for them was never very strong. The main reason for this was battery technology and the worry that you may run out your battery and be left without your hearing aid until you could get it charged.

What’s Changed?

Well, the answer is a combination of battery and hearing aid technology.  Rechargeable batteries have gotten better, and hearing aid technology has better power management. This means that using lithium ion batteries within hearing aids should allow 24 hours of use without battery failure, more than enough for most wearers.

Phonak Introduces Rechargeable

Phonak has just introduced their first rechargeable hearing aids. The battery is based on lithium ion tech and it should last a full 24 hours before charging. The hearing aids look pretty impressive, and it’s obvious that Phonak has considered every angle across their design process. They have even included a carrying case that is a charger and an optional extra power pack that will mate with the charger case for power on the go if you have no access to a socket for some reason.

The aids can also be fast charged, with just three hours of charging giving you a full 24 hours of charge. I think that the technology should overcome the worries that many had about it. However, Phonak is not alone in their new found interest in delivering rechargeable hearing aids to the masses. One company that has been charging forward with it isn’t even a hearing aid manufacturer, they are a battery maker.

Zpower, striving to make all hearing aids rechargeable

Zpower is a hearing aid battery company from California.  In the recent past they have come up with a system that can be easily retrofitted to many different manufacturer’s hearing aids. It is a simple system that in essence is just a replacement for the bettery doors on the hearing aids.

The system can be fitted on hearing instruments from Resound, Beltone, Phonak, Siemens/Signia and others. It is actually a really innovative idea from a manufacturer from outside the industry. Between Zpower and Phonak, it really seems that this concept is probably going to go mainstream.  Anything that makes it easier for hearing aid users to just get on with life has to be seen as a good thing.